USMJ Major Short Squeeze Potential with Estimated 4 Billion Shares Sold Short At WTD AVG $0.00047 That Might Have To Buy-In

New York, NY – November 10, 2016 – Wall Street Corner Report


The OTC Short Report indicates that over 4 billion shares of North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) may have been sold short in the last 30 days.  Total trading volume has exceeded 10 billion shares.  OTC Short Report’s numbers indicate that approximately 42 % of that trading has been from short sales.  To profit from such short sales, short sellers would need to purchase shares below the WTD AVG short sale price of $0.00047 (price based on OTC Short Reports indicated short sales). 

If the PPS does not permit short sellers to profit by purchasing shares below the $0.00047 those short sellers will eventually be forced to cover purchasing 4 billion shares at or above the $0.00047.  Such a large scale buy-in has the potential to dramatically drive a dramatic PPS Increase.  Wall Street Corner Report believes the estimated short position combined with the overall trading performance and the ongoing business performance altogether can contribute to USMJ realizing a near term PPS of $0.001.


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Jack Taylor