ALYI Chart Indicates VERY BULLISH On Marijuana Sector Victoria’s Secret Like Data Analytics to be Offered by Alternet

New York, NY – November 2, 2016 – Wall Street Corner Report


Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALYI) recently announced an LOI with North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) to bring retail payment systems that include data analytics to the marijuana sector.  A release a week earlier that Alternet (ALYI) was even in discussions with USMJ brought ALYI trading to life with an increase from sub penny to a high of $0.06.  Recent trading has shown consolidation and accumulation in the $0.02 range.  Technical chart analysis indicates VERY BULLISH Conditions.

Victoria’s Secret Data Analytics

VS Weed.jpg

Alternet entered the data analytics business earlier this year with a solution designed to provide small businesses with data analytics as a service.  Data analytics is typically a functionality only available to big business that can afford it.  Victoria’s Secret is relies heavily on data analytics to learn about its online and in store customers and provide individually targeted marketing.

Alternet Shareholder Update

To understand the potential of data analytics for the retail market and particularly for the marijuana retail market, read the following excerpt from a recent ALYI shareholder update:

Where big company sales used to be driven by 'mass-marketing' campaigns, marketing today is focused on 'microsegments and hyper localization.' Instead of designing campaigns that appeal to the mass, with the reach of today's social media technologies, marketing campaigns are designed for very specifically defined populations and even designed for the individual consumer. The input for such microsegmented and hyper localized campaigns starts with Big Data Analytics.

Capturing and organizing sales transaction data, to study and improve the efficiency and efficacy of future marketing programs, is a competitive advantage almost exclusively available to the largest corporations that can bankroll the development of proprietary, multi-million dollar software solutions. Alternet's focus is on making Data Analytics available as a service affordably in reach to smaller business, and in so doing, leveling the $125 Billion Big Data Analytics playing field between the Fortune 500 and everybody else.

Cannabis Sector Stocks

Marijuana stocks are seeing increased attention of late in advance of election day.  State legalization is reaching critical mass and this November, five more states (California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada) have recreational marijuana on the ballot and three more states (Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota) have medical marijuana on the ballot. 

California alone could be a massive boon for cannabis sector companies. Polling by UC Berkeley recently showed near two-to-one (2:1) support in the state of California for Proposition 64 passing.  California is the most populous state in the US and has the world's sixth-largest economy with a gross domestic product of about $2.5 trillion.

On September 8, 2016, right after Labor Day weekend, Wall Street Corner Report published a report surveying the entire cannabis sector and indicating our belief that the sector was ripe for a news triggered rally.  The coming US Election Day 2016 on November 8th looks like it could be that trigger.

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