EVSV – Enviro-Serv Inc Buzz Suggests Big News May Be On Horizon – 1000% ROI Potential?

New York, NY – Sep 11, 2018 – Enviro-Serv Inc. (USOTC: EVSV) could have something brewing worth keeping an eye on.  The 52-week PPS range is $0.0001 to $0.0003 which does not reflect that this company has consistent revenues (some of which come from government contracts) and keeps up with its public disclosures (unlike many triple zero priced stock issuers).  But that triple zero might be getting to head north to double zero and deliver up to a 1000% return along the way.  Stock message board activity and social media posts have increased lately indicating something may be in the works.  The company specializes in pest control and while that might be off the radar screen with many investors as less than sexy, let alone interesting in the slightest, it’s a $16 Billion market expected to reach $24 Billion by 2024



The pest control market is starting to get a lot of attention because insect delivered diseases are on the rise.  Diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and others are carried by mosquitos and ticks. Vector-borne disease cases tripled in the United States between 2004 and 2016, including the discovery or introduction of nine new pathogens, according to the CDC. Worldwide, diseases from mosquitos, ticks and other carrying organisms kill more than 700,000 people annually, according to the World Health Organization.  To put that in perspective, 1.3 million die from auto accidents worldwide every year making traffic accidents a top 10 cause of death.  Death from insects is growing while traffic deaths are not.  The buzz around EVSV just might have something to do with the growing attention being paid to this death by pest problem.  In any case, a promising triple zero stock play is always worth paying attention to for the 1000% and more ROI potentialities.

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