PURA Indicators Signal Breakout; NOUV and ALKM Enjoy Momentum; HEMP Could Run On Farm Bill Vote

New York, NY – Sep 26, 2018 - Puration, Inc. (PURA) is rated today as BULLISH by Bullishinvestor.com.  The PPS is on the rise on healthy volume breaking through the 50-day moving average and testing the 200-day moving average now.  The company has reported a 600% increase in sales and just announced introducing its EVERx CBD infused beverage in California.  The company has also announced a deal with Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NOUV), where NOUV takes over PURA’s cannabis cultivation business and PURA shareholders get one share of NOUV for every five shares they own of PURA.  PURA then doubles down on its cannabis beverage business.  The PURA PPS has seen $0.09 in recent history and could return there if not blow by the previous high.  The October 17th effective date for recreational marijuana in Canada could give PURA a boost too, not to mention the potential benefit to the PURA PPS that could come from the September 30th Farm Bill vote taking hemp off schedule 1.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 9.59.24 AM.png

NOUV has seen a major jump in trading volume making itself a regular on the OTC Markets Most Active Trader List.  The NOUV momentum coming from the PURA deal could rocket this triple zero into the double zero range delivering a tidy ROI to shareholders.

Alkame Holdings, Inc. (ALKM) has coincidently seen increased trading activity to include an increase PPS since PURA’s increase sales announcement.  ALKM is PURA’s co-packer for the EVERx drink.  Increased sales for PURA means increased sales for ALKM.

HEMP, Inc. (HEMP) is one of the few hemp processing companies in the United States.  If the Farm Bill goes into law including the removal of hemp from schedule 1, HEMP could see a major boost in PPS.

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