ALYI ALERT – Yankee Analysts Indicate Potential For PPS Increase Following USMJ Announcement

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New York, NY – December 21, 2016 – Wall Street Corner Report

A Yankee Analyst ( report issued yesterday, December 20, 2016, indicates that the technical conditions regarding the recent trading of Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALYI) are well suited for seeing the ALYI PPS climb on the announcement yesterday from ALYI and North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ):

USMJ and ALYI Enter Cannabis Retail Payment System Sector Anticipated To Ring $50 Billion In Sales By 2026

The Yankee Analyst report for ALYI indicates a developing trend for ALYI where the stock has been neither over-bought nor over-sold.  Accordingly, with an issued and outstanding well less than 200 million shares, and a PPS between $0.01 and $0.02, and now entering the burgeoning legal cannabis sector, the ALYI PPS has strong potential to climb.


ALYI and USMJ are two of our Holiday Party Season Stock Picks.  Puration, Inc. (PURA) is another of our picks and is currently demonstrating BULLISH trading signals.  With dramatically increased trading volumes and a recently tightened-up bid and ask, our forth Holiday Party Season Stock Pick, Kali, Inc. KALY is also on ALERT. 

USMJ and PURA have both made major announcements this week and current candlestick analysis for both USMJ and PURA is signaling VERY BULLISH, according to Stock Technical Analysis (

USMJ Anticipates 50 Percent Increase In Next Quarter Sales

USMJ and ALYI Enter Cannabis Retail Payment System Sector Anticipated To Ring $50 Billion In Sales By 2026

PURA Announces $100,000 December Sale Putting First Revenue On Books In 2016

Overall the technical indicators are signaling a bullish reading for USMJ. As such, it may be a wise decision to consider USMJ at these price levels.”

You may relax since our STAY LONG position [IN PURA] is secure. The market action does not cast a serious doubt on the wisdom of going long.”

Kali, Inc. (KALY) has seen a dramatic increase in trading volume of late as the bid and ask have tightened-up.  Though the recent PPS has been down, we believe the volume increase, and bid and ask closing-up, are together, just the beginning of establishing a firm PPS foundation for a dramatic PPS climb. 

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Jack Taylor