PURA Comes To Life With US Patent For Marijuana Extraction And $3M Forecast: Accumulate @ $0.04 With Potential To $1.00

New York, NY - July 12, 2016 Wall Street Corner Report is featuring Puration, Inc. (PURA) as a promising yet undiscovered microcap public company in the emerging legal cannabis sector.

PURA has been a dormant company now for over 2 years.  The total traded volume over the previous 2 years leading up until last Thursday, July 7th is 585,649 at a weighted average PPS of $0.04.  That’s less than $25,000 of trading volume in 2 years. 

The traded volume both in number of shares and dollars over the last 3 and half days has exceeded the last 2 years at an average PPS of $0.05, closing yesterday at $0.07.  The Company only has 50 million shares I/O.

PURA acquired the commercialization rights to a US Patented cannabis extraction process about a year ago.  Now the Company is coming to market with its first extract products

Earlier today PURA announced a $3 million revenue forecast for the next 12 months.

The Wall Street Corner Report considers PURA as a standout in the emerging cannabis sector.  Albeit a more entrepreneurial and earlier version of GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH), PURA is comparable to GWPH in that both are developing commercial applications of patented cannabis extracts.

Wall Street Corner Report anticipates PURA to experience an ‘accumulation phase’ with trading volume increasing while the PPS remains under $0.10.  Once the shareholder base has expanded and diversified through this accumulation phase, in conjunction with the Company’s prospects becoming more disseminated throughout the market, Wall Street Corner Report anticipates a rapid PPS increase to as high as $1.00.

GWPH has a market cap of $2B - approximately 33 times revenue.  The majority of revenue is non-cash consideration while the company is still largely in a research phase.  If PURA were to achieve a valuation at only 15 times its forecasted $3 million revenue, the PPS would be $0.90.