PURA EXTRACTS - A Little Dab'll Do Ya

From The Desk of The CEO

Dallas, TX - July 8, 2016 - Marijuana legalization continues to ebb and flow toward what appears to be the inevitable end of a century long prohibition.  While nationwide legalization might be a foregone conclusion, the decades of legal turbulence surrounding the smoking of tobacco will likely spill over into marijuana smoking specific limitations that prevail in perpetuity.  Accordingly, here at Puration, Inc. (PURA) we think the smart money is on cannabis extracts.

Extracts are more potent, and with a well-managed, highly refined extraction process like the patented process used at PURA, the cannabis product is a far more consistent and predictable product. 

For Example: A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

Dabbing’ is growing in popularity among recreational and medical marijuana consumers as an alternative to ‘smoking.’   A Dab is a concentrated oil rich in THC extracted from marijuana.  Some extracts contain as much as 70% to 90% THC.  A Dab looks more like honey or wax than olive oil.  It also comes in a more crystalized form (like old honey on the mouth of a jar left open), in which case it will need to be emulsified before being vaporized and inhaled.  Trendy names for a Dab include: honey; wax; shatter (the honey jar looking crystalized form), and ‘710’ – the word ‘OIL’ flipped upside down and backwards.  Dabbing provides a quicker and more efficient delivery of THC than smoking.  Dabs are available from dispensaries where marijuana has been legalized.

Starbucks of Dabbing

The patented extraction process utilized by PURA gives us the ability to produce a consistent and high quality dab for the legal recreational and medical marijuana markets.  We believe consistent quality is the key.  Starbucks has grown into a multibillion dollar multinational corporation providing a consistent, high quality product.  In Beijing, Dallas or New York, a quad, non-fat, one raw sugar latte is a quad, non-fat, one raw sugar latte no matter where you order it.  We’re aiming to provide Starbucks-like consistency with our PURA-DAB.

The PURA-DAB will soon be available in Colorado to the recreational and medical marijuana market.  But that’s not the end of our story …

Extracts derived from the patented process have been trialed with positive results in the treatment of illnesses including veterans suffering from PTSD, children with autism, various types of cancer, patients with a variety of neurological disorders, pain management, auto-immune disorders and seizures due to Epilepsy. PURA-DAB is just the beginning.

Colorado is a legal market ready to go, and it just makes sense for us to enter the recreational and medical marijuana markets using a patented extraction process that will set us apart from any other extractors.  PURA will set a quality and consistency standard with PURA-DAB.

With a revenue base under our belt, we’ll continue to develop additional cannabis extracts targeted for infusion into specific consumer products.  Of course we’ll pursue recreational infusion of THC into cookies and gummy bears and the like, but we are also well down the road with CBD extracts for infusion into sports and fitness and wellness supplements.  We are positioning PURA-EXTRACTS to be a branded similarly to Splenda (minus the unfounded cancer scare)  The Splenda logo appears as quality endorsement on diet products such as beverages that use Splenda to keep calorie counts low.  We are aiming to have the PURA- EXTRACT logo as a quality and consistency endorsement on the best infused consumer products sold anywhere and everywhere.