After the close of yesterday’s session, Stock Technical Analysis (stockta.com) upgraded its rating of Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA) to VERY BULLISH based on candle stick analysis or recent trading. 

ML Capital Group, Inc. (USOTC: MLCG) in a strategic deal with PURA was also rated VERY BULLISH by Stock Technical Analysis after announcing an expansion of its Luxury Cannabis Tourism business launched as part of an earlier deal with PURA.

PURA PPS reached a $0.09 within the last 45 days.  The PPS is currently $0.03 and in yesterday’s trading, the PPS is showing signs of a bounce.  A press release published by Motion Entertainment Group (USOTC: COBI) yesterday gave a sneak peak into BIG NEWS coming soon from PURA that seems to account for the bounce.  Wall Street Corner believes now is a good time to get into PURA at $0.03 to $0.045 to take advantage of an anticipated breakthrough to a new high in the coming weeks leading up to the Cannabis 420 Celebration.

Wall Street Corner Report also believes the current PPS of MLCG and PURA is ideal right now to support a BUY strategy benefiting from the inevitable news coming between now and the Cannabis Industry 420 Events next month. 

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Jack Taylor