PURA Just Went Pink Current Info; Patented Cannabis Extraction Process; Only 50M Authorized; Rapid PPS Appreciation Anticipated Starting From $0.02

Austin, Tx – May 4, 2016 - Wolf Wrangler Blog - Puration, Inc. (PURA) Last year acquired the commercialization rights to a U.S. Patented cannabis extraction process.  Commercialization developments reported on the Company’s website include:

Various extracts derived from the patented process have been trialled with positive results in the treatment of illnesses including veterans suffering from PTSD, children with autism, various types of cancer, patients with a variety of neurological disorders, pain management, auto-immune disorders and seizures due to Epilepsy.

The CEO presentation on the Company’s website also includes an overview on progress to open an extraction production facility in the State of Colorado to serve both the national health wellness market and the local recreational market.


Monday this week, the Company updated all its past financial statements as part of an overall repurposing from a legacy operation into its new cannabis extraction business.  As of today, the Company has achieved Pink Current Information status with OTC Markets.

PURA PPS – Nothing Holding It Back; Everything Pushing It Forward

With only 50 million authorized shares and 50 million issued an out, combined with the new OTC Pink Current Information standard, and an actual U.S. Patented cannabis extraction process putting PURA in the same realm as GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH), the PURA PPS has an exceptional potential to leap immediately.  Literally, nothing is holding the PPS back and everything is pushing it forward.

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